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The 1880 House wants all our guests to stay safe and have the best fishing experience possible. In an effort to make this happen, please remember to pack the following items:

Polarized Sunglasses
Not only do polarized glasses cut the suns glare making it easier to see fish, they also are an important safety item. Glasses provide protection from split shot and flies that come flying back at you when trying to break off a snag and also make it easier to see obstacles on the river bottom that may trip you up.

Chest Waders (with wading belt)
A wading belt is very important. Should you fall without a belt it only takes a second for your waders to fill up with water making it very difficult to stay afloat. 

Korkers or Spiked Footwear
Korkers or spiked footwear are a must have in the Salmon River due to the river bottom being very slippery. Spiked footwear saves most anglers from slips and falls every time they are on the water. 

Wading Staff
Again, the bottom of the river is very slippers so every tool available to help you keep your balance is a must have. Wading staffs also are very helpful when moving across the river in faster water flows and can be used to feel depth and terrain to insure proper footing. 

Rain Gear
There may be nothing worse than being soaked from head to toe while on the river. When the weather is cold it can lead to hypothermia and when it is warm, it is still very uncomfortable. 

Warm Clothing & Socks
Layering your clothing is the best way to stay warm as well as give you the ability to shed clothing if necessary. Be sure to bring a few of everything. 

There is no better way to capture your memories than using a camera. This is especially important when fishing for Steelhead or Brown Trout where we urge all anglers to practice ‘Catch and Release’. Please take all pictures quickly and carefully releasing the fish as quickly as possible and paying extra attention to not damage the gills on any fish you land. When the weather is cold, keeping a fishes gills out of the water long can cause them to freeze and kill the fish. 

During Salmon season be sure to bring a cooler if you would like to keep your catch for smoking or for the table. We have commercial ice machine to fill your coolers. Again, we ask that our guest practice catch and release when Steelhead or Brown Trout fishing but if you must keep one for the table, we understand.